About Us

We are manufacturers of antique silver and gold jewellery based out of India. Initially, we started out as silver manufacturers in the year 1965 and as the business scaled we moved into manufacturing of gold jewellery. There were many challenges back then when it came to jewellery design and the process of making it, but eventually, we overcame those obstacles. Supplying high quality jewellery and keeping up with the trend defined our success graph. As technology is taking user experience to a whole new level, we are utilising every opportunity to give a unique shopping experience which can be experienced at one’s personal space and comfort which directly helps in making good buying decisions.

In an era where fashion is becoming more niche and an attribute of one’s own self, we launch new collections every few months. The exciting challenge is to design jewellery which brings out the subtle characteristics of a woman and to express her journey of being Strong, Bold and Beautiful. Each collection is the result of investing long creative hours in designing bespoke and expressive jewellery.


We are lucky to born in an era where women are being considered equal to men and as a firm we strongly believe in the idea of equality as there is nothing more powerful than a confident woman in this age of competence and challenge. We want to elevate this idea and embrace this magical change.

By designing bold, evocative and statement pieces, we want women to feel more confident, more elegant and more powerful than ever before. We look forward to make use of the treasure trove which the universe has laid upon us, craft them and hand over it to the ones who have embraced this world with their love and compassion.


Each product is crafted by a highly skilled artisan, who takes time to transform a design into an expressive piece with utmost care given to the quality. Be it the colour, the shade or the tone of the jewelry, our artisans work till they get the desired outcome.

All our products are manufactured in India. The various gem stones used are imported from various countries, choosing and sorting only the best ones.